SplitStream Success!

The first Zero-Knowledge Analysis NFT was just auctioned off using the SplitStream mechanism. This NFT was from Harry Crane and Ryan Martin's independent data analysis of Planck's test of Seth's Appetite Theory. Half of the funds were then Split to the citations with one of those cited works (so far) splitting further. This is the SplitStream!

SplitStreamees, claim your funds here:

or here:

A huge thanks to mirror for helping us implement this (despite a misstep or two I may have made in the process...) Mirror did not request, nor did their build require, that they be included in the SplitStream. But of course we included them, if for no other reason than that we ran it on their technology! Patrick Riviera, in particular, was incredibly helpful throughout. Also thanks to Aleo and Harry Crane and Ryan Martin. We think that Zero Knowledge Analysis has a big future.

And a special thank you to Michael Zargham, the winning bidder, who described the NFT beautifully as a "a unique digital pointer to a node in the directed acyclic graph we call science."

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