PaperclipDAO Round 2: We Got a Punk!!!

Round 2 is complete and PaperclipDAO has obtained a Cryptopunk and some Meebit to boot! We acquired CryptoPunk #3744 (long known as the “Paperclip Punk”) and a portion of a Dissected Meebit from Calvin Liu who gets a 1/5 SE Earthen Concept Art Card and 400 $CLIP in return. Calvin, welcome to PaperclipDAO! 🖇

Paperclip Punk #3744 and a Dissected Meebit #10761
Paperclip Punk #3744 and a Dissected Meebit #10761

We weighed several factors in making a final decision on which trade to accept. We care about more than just the economic value of a trade; we value the culture, story, and journey of the NFT as well. In Round 1, we picked the future. But the past always has a way of coming back around… And the 2 (ok 1.02) historic LarvaLabs NFTs we acquired bridge the past to the future beautifully.

This decision wasn’t easy; we received incredible offers and, as in Round 1, were sad to part with all the memorable NFTs that we couldn’t accept. Check out the full Round 2 offer thread to see all the amazing offers.

We only have time to highlight a few of our favorites. In no particular order, here is our homage to the ones that got away in Round 2:

  • Several offers paid homage to @paperclipDAO. To immortalize the Parallel Trade from @bitcoinPalmer, urukai (discord link) created 2 Proof of Beauty $HASH pieces: One that represents the tx from Palmer to Planck ($HASH sent to Palmer in tx - 0x9d685696e1401a38eee957665f57a720212b409b373c8fe275608309c44da9cb) and a second that represents the tx from Planck to the PaperclipDAO address. What an awesome gesture! We were also offered a $CLIP Kitty by AnimalTPFR (discord link).
  • We received several offers for Blitmaps, a really cool community started by Dom Hofmann. Blitmaps and their metadata are stored and processed entirely on-chain. There are 100 originals, created by 17 artists, which the community mixed to make 1,600 siblings — unique pieces that combine the composition of one original with the palette of another. We were offered a sibling: Pale Tower Warm Vibe (from avilés) and an original (!!!) #35 - Candy from itzler (discord link). Naturally, this was a finalist.
Candy Blitmap #35
Candy Blitmap #35

Each of these offers adds to the storied history of the PaperclipDAO and we couldn’t be more excited to add our second trade to the history books. In Round 2, we looked to the past, what does the future hold for Round 3? 🖇🖇

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